How to Pick the Right Storage Unit

We understand that finding the right storage unit size at Force Storage is crucial for meeting your specific needs. To help you make the best decision, we offer a variety of self-storage unit sizes in Pekin, Illinois, each suited for different purposes. Rent a storage unit online today by visiting our rental portal

Our team at Force Storage in Pekin, IL understands that finding the right storage unit size is important. In order to help you make the best decision, we offer a variety of self-storage units at our outdoor storage facility in Pekin, IL. Our units range from small or extra-large, each suited for a different need. Check out our guide below to see what types of items are best for each size of storage unit. We also have a detailed storage size guide to help you visualize how much can fit in each unit.  

5x10 Storage Unit

Ideal For:

  • Smaller items like boxes
  • Small furniture sets
  • Motorcycles

This small storage unit, roughly the size of a walk-in closet, is perfect if you need to store a few small items or to free up space by rotating seasonal items. It’s also great for those with motorcycles who need a secure place to keep them.

10x10 Storage Unit

Ideal For:

  • In-between moves
  • Seasonal decorations
  • Small boats (like a two-man boat)
  • Miscellaneous household items

The 10×10 unit, about half the size of a standard one-car garage, is versatile and can accommodate various items, making it ideal for those in transition between apartments or needing extra space for items they don’t use frequently.

Self Storage Moving Boxes

10x15 Storage Unit

Ideal For:

  • Compact cars (like a Miata)
  • Furniture
  • Larger moves and homes

This unit, roughly the size of a large bedroom, is spacious enough for a compact car or larger furniture pieces. It offers flexibility to store multiple kinds of items, making it a great choice for more extensive storage needs, short term storage for larger moves, and decluttering spaces like your garage. Additionally, boat storage in Pekin, Illinois, is available specifically on the East side of the East building.

10x20 Storage Unit

Ideal For:

  • Winter car storage
  • Small boats (Limited Availability by Request)
  • Home renovation storage (garage or basement items)
  • A couple of rooms worth of items

The 10×20 unit, about the size of a standard one-car garage, provides ample space for a car, small boat, or numerous household items. It’s perfect for those undergoing home renovations or needing a large storage unit for a variety of belongings. Boat storage is conveniently located on the East side of the East building.

Packing Moving Boxes For Self Storage

10x30 Drive-Through Storage Unit

Ideal For:

  • Moving a loved one to a nursing or retirement home
  • In-between moves, especially when downsizing
  • Storing two compact cars
  • Boat storage (Limited Availability by Request)

Our 10×30 drive-through unit or large storage unit, about the size of a one-and-a-half car garage, offers convenience and ample space for significant life transitions. Whether you’re helping a loved one move or storing multiple vehicles, this unit can accommodate your needs. Boat storage in Pekin, Illinois, is available on the East side of the East building.

15x30 Extra Large Storage Unit

Ideal For:

  • Tall (lifted) trucks
  • Small business equipment (landscaping, lawn care)

This unit features 11-foot tall doors, a garage door opener with keypad entry, a walk-through door, electrical outlets, and lights. It’s perfect for storing large vehicles or equipment for small businesses. The 15×30 unit or our extra-large storage unit, approximately the size of a two-car garage, offers expansive space for a variety of storage needs.

Why Choose Force Storage?

When it comes to self-storage in Pekin, IL our team at Force storage is your local choice. Located off Veterans drive, Force Storage provides secure and accessible self-storage solutions for a variety of needs. Our storage units go beyond just mini storage and are designed to accommodate everything from small personal items to large business equipment. Whether you’re in between moves, need extra space for seasonal items, or require a secure place for your vehicles, we have the perfect unit for you.

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*Storing items and belongings comes with risks. Check out our guide on what you should store in our storage units here.